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thankful people. >> reporter: megan and her little sister maddie were christmas shopping with their parents at walmart when maddie spotted a toy sewing machine. >> they got to for me. she had the bag in her hands. i'm like, what are you talking about? >> reporter: the girls' parents were randomly handed a bag by a man and woman and inside -- >> we both looked in the bag and we just went, wow. how did they know that she wanted that toy? >> it's the sewing machine that she wanted. >> reporter: the couple didn't give their names but employees spotted them hugging one another after their generous deeds. joyce short was working the cash register that day. she will never forget. >> and he said merry christmas to her. and she started crying immediately. and then i started crying. >> reporter: maddie's dad recalls another charming characteristic. >> their joy of giving to her. i will just never forget their laugh of joy. >> reporter: the couple spent thousands of dollars that day on merchandise. >> not wanting to be known, not wanting to be seen, they specifically made the comment there was no cam
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1